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You Should Take A Sick Day

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I should take more sick days. I wasn’t feeling the best when I went to bed last night and thought, instead of bringing my germs into our little studio and infecting Jeane, Mac Judi, Bo and Derrick, I thought I’d stay home. Boy, am I glad I did. Sure it’s given me time to beat this horrible flesh eating bacteria ... Read More »

Fall Is The Best…Here’s Why

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There’s something about Fall that is special. Summer is great with sunny, hot days spent at the beach. Spring is cool with gentle rain and I love drifting snow in the winter. But Fall…it’s hard to duplicate all the great things about Fall. Brain dump time! Things I love about Fall The sound of High School Football The smell of ... Read More »

Tabasco Files September 22, 2014


The Official First Day of Fall is Today!  Or, actually, tonight at 9:29 PM CST.  So How does someone like Miley Cyrus get into the Fall Season?  Hmm…perhaps twerking on a stage in a fake butt with the Mexican Flags plastered on her rump!  Not only could it spark another diva feud with Nicki Minaj, but it could land her ... Read More »

Bettie Page and Stevie Nicks Fashion ALL the RAGE


Hello Chick Click friends!  When I was in L.A. I got to see what is IN, IN, IN BEFORE it’s here in the Lou!  RETRO 70’s (think Stevie Nicks) and Retro 40’s (See below) is THE THING!  I LOVED the retro swimsuits so much, I bought one!  Is it Trendy or Trashy? I think it’s total trendy and actually classy!  ... Read More »

St Louis Drying Up

Well Cornbread should be worried about his “Baby Grass”! And he’s not the ONLY one! According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a story I read today Drought conditions abound around much of Missouri, and lawns and grass are taking a beating. Hot, dry weather is to blame. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that May in St. Louis typically ... Read More »