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Healthy Woman 5th Anniversary Event

Join me at the Gateway Regional Medical Center Healthy Woman Anniversary Event on Sunday, June 3rd from 11am-1pm and sign up for Team Breadhead! This is the 5th year that this amazing event has taken place, and I want to invite all WOMEN to come out. The first ever female winner of The Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent, will be there ... Read More »

Trends Guys HATE On The Ladies

I personally LOVE my Uggs boots, as do lots of celebrities like the ladies on Deseparate Housewives and Gossip Girl! But it’s just one trend that guys say is NOT HOT! Here are some more according to Shine Yahoo: 1. Ugg boots The on-set footwear of choice for celebrities (how many times have we seen photos of the “Gossip Girl” ... Read More »


survey of 866 women asking for their opinions of men’s fashion and hygiene: What is the sexiest outfit a man can wear? 58% – jeans and t-shirt 19% – pants and a hip shirt 17% – suit and tie What kind of underwear should a man wear? 48% – boxer briefs 46% – briefs 2% – none What should men ... Read More »


MEN’S FASHION CHOICES TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS Women say these are the worst (with No. 1 being the worst)… 8. Short Pants – Things that don’t fit are not flattering. 7. Time or Region-Specific Accessories – Cowboy hats. Cowboy Boots. Bow Ties. Monocles. Ascots. If you are not a Cowboy, Crocodile Dundee, or from the 1800’s you should not ... Read More »

Hair Color Trend for 2010!

Some of the things I’ve heard growing up as a redhead: “You have a temper, don’t you?” “Oh, you’re a natural redhead? Don’t bees sting you more?” and, of course the most popular “Hey, Carrot Top” (which always bugged me because carrot tops are GREEN!) Well, move over blondes, 2010 is looking to be the year for redheads! Redheads were ... Read More »

Denim & Diamonds

This guy has done several video’s on Youtube that are all about Cowboy Boots. This is my favorite one! He really knows his boots! Wanna know what kind of boots are right for you? There are so many to choose from! Watch this video FIRST before you get your “Boots On” (As Randy Houser would say!) Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

This morning Bo and I took over the morning show while the Cornbread Crew were recuperating from all the festivities. We talked, of course, a lot about the CMA’s, and Bo brought up Leann Rimes and that she wasn’t looking so good. Bo said he thought she had too much makeup on. At first I disagreed (don’t be dissin’ on ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

This, to me, is funny, strange and weird! With Halloween coming up, there are lots of girls (and I suppose maybe a few boys….oooookkkkayyy) who want to be Barbie! Watch how this girl transforms herself into Barbie with her “Perfect Plastic Skin”! YIKES!!! Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

I just HAD to share this cute video! Filmed many years ago, it predicted what we’d be wearing in the 2000’s. Did they get some of it right? Watch the part at the end with the guy having the phone on him! Hilarious! Happy Trending! Read More »