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Flu Shot on a Diamond

judi flu

Getting Cold Feet about getting a Flu Shot?  This is why you need no fear.  Thanks to Barnes Jewish Hospital for making it so easy to stay healthy! I’ve had flu shots for the last 3 years and I’ve had no side effects other than at the shot site my arm was a bit sore, but no big deal.  I ... Read More »

FLU Immunization Facts!

For the last four years I’ve gotten the Flu vaccination. And…(knock on wood) and have not gotten the flu any of the years I received the shot. So I am an advocate that if you are a candidate, you NEED to get your shot! But I also have plenty of friends that disagree with me and think that it’s not ... Read More »

Fearing the Flu or worse yet…the Swine Flu?

I’m not big on getting the flu shot and now the H1N1 is being called a National Emergency. Yet there are so many crazy things going around the internet…but with the threat of the Flu in any form this might be worth a try. This was emailed to me by my father so the authenticity well…it’s the internet. In 1919, ... Read More »


Public health officials and drugmakers are ramping up for an expected H1N1 pandemic, and the Department of Health and Human Services wants Americans to help pick the most effective flu-prevention video for a national TV campaign. Out of several hundred entries received, 10 finalists were picked. Voting ends September 16. The winner gets $2,500. Check out the finalists here. ... Read More »