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Not Swinging The Bat Makes You A Man

Jim's Bat

I’m jealous of A-Rod destroying a TV on “NFL Sunday” (Video below) It’s too bad the only people who can smash windows , jump on car hoods and shoot out lights are out-of-control mobs (or as the media likes to call them, protesters…sorry, protesting in my book doesn’t include vandalizing property…at that point you’re a hoodlum and need to be ... Read More »


Amazing how eye color can completely change the look of someone!  check out these photos of two celebrities with their eye colors changed digitally! Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? Read More »

Judi’s BFF Club

Do you have a best friend? I recently went through a divorce and my best friend Kate literally got me through times when I was crying in a fetal position. Well The Fox Sports Midwest Girls Are all about best friends and they want to celebrate by inviting some Breadheads to Judi’s BFF Club Ladies Day at the Cardinal Game ... Read More »