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Tabasco Wacky Wednesday Files! Hilarious Indiana Jones Race, Game of Thrones at Seth Meyers Dinner and more….


Check out this Indiana Jones Race!  Hilarious!   With Game Of Thrones starting it’s NEW SEASON this SUNDAY, Thought this was a great #Tabascofiles for all you G.O.T. Fans!  Seth Meyer had Jon Snow for Dinner!  He’s a bit overdressed for the weather…. Teletubbies is coming back, oh child of the 90’s!  Tinky winky, Dipsy and the gang…originally out of ... Read More »

How To Peel A Potato With Bare Hands


She’s goth, tattooed and a great cook and she can peel a potato with her bare hands!  Here’s how: In honor of tomorrows Cardboard Sled Classic, how about a little MAUI Sledding: With over 6 million views, people DO HAVE enough attention span to watch a 14+ minute trailer for the Game of Thrones Season 4:  Ice and Fire:  Forshadowing!   ... Read More »