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Why? Why? Why is big game hunting a thing?

Big game hunting…why do people do it?  Not being a hunter I always lean on my friend Meegan Turnbeaugh who is a local celebrity and big game hunter…she set me straight awhile back when there was a picture of a young lady sitting next to a rhino and the web was up in arms and I felt the same way…WHY??? ... Read More »

Kiss Cam Hilarious!

cHarmony Commercial (eHarmony Parody) - Cornbread Morning Show - YouTube

Worried the Kiss Cam is gonna make you its’ mark and you don’t necessarily WANNA kiss the person you’re next to?  This guy was READY: funny! Read More »

We Are Americans

A guy named Rene Rancourt has been singing the National Anthem at Boston Bruins hockey games for the last 37 years, and last night . . . before the Bruins’ first game back since the attack . . . he sang the first few lines.  But then the crowd overpowered him, and he let THEM sing it.  Here it is: ... Read More »


Guy at a Cardinals Game lets his girlfriend take the hit in the face with a baseball!  Check out the video! Would you break up with this guy immediately????  I WOULD! Read More »

Everything Cornhole…it’s all here!

CORNHOLE ‘Tis the season for cornhole, aka bags, aka tailgate toss. When the barbecue grills fire up the cornhole equipment comes out — and sticks around right into football tailgate season. • The game is called “cornhole” because bags filled with corn kernels are tossed into a board with a hole in it. • Regulation platforms measure 4 feet × ... Read More »