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Kiss Cam Hilarious!

cHarmony Commercial (eHarmony Parody) - Cornbread Morning Show - YouTube

Worried the Kiss Cam is gonna make you its’ mark and you don’t necessarily WANNA kiss the person you’re next to?  This guy was READY: funny! Read More »

We Are Americans

A guy named Rene Rancourt has been singing the National Anthem at Boston Bruins hockey games for the last 37 years, and last night . . . before the Bruins’ first game back since the attack . . . he sang the first few lines.  But then the crowd overpowered him, and he let THEM sing it.  Here it is: ... Read More »


Guy at a Cardinals Game lets his girlfriend take the hit in the face with a baseball!  Check out the video! Would you break up with this guy immediately????  I WOULD! Read More »

Alcohol Free Baseball

One Breadhead asked our listeners if they thought it was a good idea to have an alcohol free night for a Cardinals Game. Do you think it’s a good idea? Perhaps it would be a good idea for a family night at Busch Stadium. Is that something that would be a sellout ? Read More »

Everything Cornhole…it’s all here!

CORNHOLE ‘Tis the season for cornhole, aka bags, aka tailgate toss. When the barbecue grills fire up the cornhole equipment comes out — and sticks around right into football tailgate season. • The game is called “cornhole” because bags filled with corn kernels are tossed into a board with a hole in it. • Regulation platforms measure 4 feet × ... Read More »

Finally the Trillion $$$ Bailout game is here!

In all this seriousness going on in the world…someone…not me has made a game about our sad economic situation. Oh well…as I said on the show you gotta laugh or you’ll go crazy. Click here to play. Read More »

Love to go fishing every chance you get? Well now you can right here!

If you don’t want to wait till spring to go fishing…I got you covered. Here’s some hints on how to do this fishing game. You will see the fish swimming in the lake. Click on the place in the lake you want the man to cast his line. Remember the fish are swimming and if you click on the fish ... Read More »