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Video gaming gets Athletic Scholarships? HUH? #Tabascofiles


Cornbread thinks Cheerleading isn’t a sport???  Perhaps he’ll change his tune when he hears about THIS #tabascofiles story!  According to this article:,0,4334654.story Playing the very popular (and growing more popular every day) “League of Legends” could get you an athletic scholarship to Robert Morris University in Chicago!  WHAT?   Well, according to the Associate Athletic Director, although the game may ... Read More »

Gamer Shamer?

Are you a Gamer? I’ve always loved video games!  From Mrs. Pacman to Farmville! (Finally got out of THAT addiction!  My farm was wilting!) Now,  being a woman, I always thought I was odd that I loved video games! But according to new research, we ladies are playing just as much as the guys, if not MORE!  So… What IS ... Read More »