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Pay It Forward SURPRISE Moment!

monday motivation

My parents raised me to ALWAYS “Pay It Forward”.  Never in a loud, boisterous manner to  get attention for oneself.  I was taught Paying it Forward is about helping our world be a better place and it can be achieved with one act (a day, if possible!) of Random Kindness.  Recently I had a beautiful  “Pay It Forward” moment that, ... Read More »

I Work With a Bunch of Crooks


If Tom Selleck could be a crook we wondered, “Are any of our co-workers thieves?” Turns out we work with lots of crooks. We asked them, “What’s the first thing you stole?” Read More »

Nerding out over Pluto


Please, excuse me while i nerd out completely…but today was huge…I mean HUGE for NASA, space exploration, and history! After 9 1/2 years of space travel, New Horizons has finally made it to Pluto. 9 1/2 YEARS!!!! I get crabby after 2 hours in a car. Can you imagine??? Over 3 billion miles New Horizons had to travel the fact ... Read More »

Wanna Get Happy?

judi pic 2

I have a mantra that when I’m down I always try to say over and over:  “There can be no light, without the dark”. We all have our ups and downs, but, lets’ face it!  We all want to be happy as much as possible!  There’s a great ARTICLE HERE FROM BUZZFEED by author Anna Borges that gives you 13 tips ... Read More »

Ever Wonder Where Your High School Friends End Up?


This video of the Judge recognizing the crook in her court reignited something I’ve always wondered. I’ve always wonder what happened to the kids I graduated with. The ones I was friends with and the ones I just knew their names. Who became a lawyer, priest, football player. Who got into politics and who ended up in jail. I wonder ... Read More »

Where to Go for FIREWORKS!

fireworkds judi pic

Thanks to the comments on our Facebook page, Granite City, Washington, Mo Fair, and North part of Carlyle Lake are some of YOUR favorite places to locally see some beautiful fireworks display! I took this short video from a charity event last week in Cottleville!  GREAT fireworks!  MAKE SURE TO CHECK WITH EACH VENUE DUE TO SO MUCH FLOODING IN ... Read More »

The Scorpion Gets the Last Laugh

How do we get out of the Grand Canyon?

I have no idea if it’s wrong, illegal or immoral to hunt scorpions. But, I figured it can’t be any worse than kids catching fireflies and forgetting to free them from their jar. The family and I went to Arizona last week and stayed with friends in Phoenix. Paul, my friend, grabbed me in the evening and said, “Let’s go ... Read More »

“Behind The Mic” Meet Allison! How cute is her DRESS!?

FullSizeRender (2)

At WIL we are, seriously, like a crazy, dysfunctional, creative family that sometimes annoys each other, sometimes gets each other thru tough times, sometimes we argue , but we love each other and we all work hard to put out the best radio for our extended family! Our listeners! Meet Allison! She’s got three degrees, and shops at Walmart! She’s ... Read More »

“Behind The Mic” Friday Dance!

FullSizeRender (2)

Ashley is the first person you’ll see when you win a contest and come pick up your prize!  She’s ALWAYS smiling is as sweet as can be and does one heck of a FRIDAY DANCE!  #TGIF #Behindthemic #getyourcountryon Meet Ashley! Our WIL Hubbard Radio St. Louis! She’s the first person you meet when you come to pick up a prize ... Read More »

National Beauticians Day!

Today is National Beauticians Day!! Hair stylists, manicurists, make up artists, they all spend their days making YOU look beautiful! More often, they also spend that time being your friend, your therapist, and your person you can vent all of your frustrations to. Make sure you take time today to at least give a lil shout out to the ones ... Read More »