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Fall Is The Best…Here’s Why

fall sq

There’s something about Fall that is special. Summer is great with sunny, hot days spent at the beach. Spring is cool with gentle rain and I love drifting snow in the winter. But Fall…it’s hard to duplicate all the great things about Fall. Brain dump time! Things I love about Fall The sound of High School Football The smell of ... Read More »

Lumbersexuals Know NO Gender!

Brett 1

Ever wanted to take a chainsaw and just CHAINSAW away?!?  Check out Buzzfeeds Lumbersexuals, who are FREE to come out of the closet, finally!  So can you!  It’s NOT just about the plaid shirts and beards!  It’s also about the love and wish to know how to use a Chainsaw!     Read More »

This Kitchen is EDIBLE!

clayton homes sales

Check out this beautiful Clayton Home Kitchen!  Judi Diamond took another visit to Clayton Homes, this time, Festus!  VERY impressed with the immense kitchen in this AFFORDABLE, Sturdy, WELL BUILT IN AMERICA, home!  Check it out! #claytonhomes #ad   Judi Diamond took a trip to Clayton Homes in Festus And found the beautiful, sturdy, American Built Clayton Homes to ... Read More »

Solid Built AND Affordable!

clayton homes sales

Judi Diamond took a trip to Clayton Homes in Festus And found the beautiful, sturdy, American Built Clayton Homes to be more than one would expect from such affordable prices!  Imagine being able to afford a BRAND NEW home that fits perfect with your family!  Check out Clayton Homes of festus and Clayton Homes of Troy  And SEE ... Read More »

Electrocuted at the Rams Game

Rams 216

First Rams game and I end up wearing a Cane’s Chicken swim cap. Odd. But, I have no room to talk. I once worked at a radio station that gave away underwear! My one takeaway from the game….aside from it being an amazing win for STL…was I felt like I was in an electric chair. Every time I sat down ... Read More »

The New Way To Get a Job

With Superman

Did he get a job? Does he still need a job? It’s, “Mr.-I-went-viral-yesterday-because-I-passed-out-resumes-in-front-of-Busch-Stadium…Donald Grooms”! BTW, after Reddit posted his pic, Donald had job offers from South Korea, Germany and Australia, but did he get any from his hometown of St. Louis, MO? Take a listen and you’ll find out. Read More »

From Ugly to Beautiful, healthy legs!


I believe so much in how The Sheen Vein Institute has helped me not only have much better looking legs by getting rid of my ugly Spider Veins (Vericose), but, more importantly, how they helped to make my legs FEEL sooooooo much better, that I thought it’d be cool to take you along to one of my appointments!   So, ... Read More »

Blowtorch The Tailgate


Use a blowtorch when you grill. Holy smokes, I gotta try this…use a blowtorch with my meat. Scott from The suggested this. Cook your ribs, however you wish to cook em, then use a blowtorch to caramelize the sauce. Hearing him explain it made me start to drool. I’m ready to do this…I just need to get my grill ... Read More »

First time…it’s always so sweet

Brad Paisley

They stand out like a sore thumb…kids who are going to their first concert. Boys have their boots on, wearing new dark blue Wranglers, a sweet pearl button, plaid shirt with a cowboy hat pulled low over their eyes. Girls dress the same or wear a county type dress. Oh yeah, they’re always wide eyed and staring at the craziness ... Read More »