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Tweet THAT! How Social Media CAN help you get results!


Can Social Media complaints to big companies only get attention if you’re a big celebrity? I found the answer out just yesterday!  Sure, Taylor Swift can get attention when she’s mad at a company as over the weekend she was making headlines for.    BUT, I learned that SO CAN YOU!  YOU and ME have more power than we may ... Read More »

Time to get my Dino on!


Well, Jurassic World was number 1 at the box office again this weekend! I’m not a super fan of sequels, my husband, Trevor is DYING to see this movie though, and ok I’ll admit…the 90’s kid in me is pretty excited to see the dinos on the big screen again. So, we’re taking a family day trip to the theater ... Read More »

The Best Father’s Day Gift?


Most Father’s Day gifts are…okay at best. Some marketing person takes something Dad likes to do and they make it “fancy” and cover it with chrome and fake wood. Then they tell our kids, “This is perfect for Dad. What he’s always wanted.” Most aren’t that great. This gift, however, might be one worth getting for Dad, The Chillsner. A ... Read More »

Where Are You Going To Send Jim?

Jim & Jeane

Your vote counts! Where do you want to send Jim on his next quest to experience what makes St Louis, St Louis.  Here are this week’s choices and if we can get the boss to spring for it we’ll take a bunch of you along for the ride. (last week was fun chowing down at Crown Candy Kitchen with 14 ... Read More »

The Dog is Always the Hero


I love dogs and I love the loyalty they show their masters. Be it friendship, protection, or the loyality that comes from a job they’re trained to do…like  Figo. Figo is a seeing eye dog for his Mistress, Audrey. They were crossing the street at a crosswalk when Figo realized a school bus wasn’t slowing down. He threw himself in-front ... Read More »

Cops get called for some silly things……


  Cops get called for all kinds of different reasons, break ins, medical emergencies, etc. Sometimes, though, those reasons can be quite silly.  My father, Frosty,  (please don’t call him Officer, he hates that) has been a police officer for my entire life and some of the stories he’s got are just INSANE!!  There was one house he went to, ... Read More »

This Bud is for Jim, Jeane and You

Jim and Jeane AB Tour

Your vote, in my quest to learn St Louis, was to send me to Anheuser-Busch. I was sad…you forced me to drink a beer. Rough. Jeane and I went yesterday and when you watch the video you’ll realize we forgot to record part of it. lol  BUT, I did learn… The largest herd of Clydesdales is owned by AB. The ... Read More »

She’s The MAN!


Well, not really.  But I have been tackling some home projects that have always been thought of by my mom as “MAN” projects!  I powerwashed my house, trimmed and edged the front and back yards, put together (with the help of Leo) a new combo Fire Pit/Grill (cuz I want to have a lot of BONFIRES this summer!) and I ... Read More »

Randy Houser Owes David Letterman


If it weren’t for David Letterman, Randy Houser might not be coming to St Louis with Luke Bryan. We talked with Randy today and he surprised us with that story. We also cornered him to see which song he likes better…Like a Cowboy or Runnin out of Moonlight. Take a listen to find out which on it is. Oh yeah, ... Read More »

Road Trip!!!!!!!


Memorial Day Weekend is just days away and according to one source, there will be 33 million people on the road over the long weekend!  Are you gonna be one of them?  I LOVE Road Trips, as long as I’m with FUN people and know where every potty stop is!  (what can I say, I’m a chick! ) So I’ve ... Read More »