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From Ugly to Beautiful, healthy legs!


I believe so much in how The Sheen Vein Institute has helped me not only have much better looking legs by getting rid of my ugly Spider Veins (Vericose), but, more importantly, how they helped to make my legs FEEL sooooooo much better, that I thought it’d be cool to take you along to one of my appointments!   So, ... Read More »

Blowtorch The Tailgate


Use a blowtorch when you grill. Holy smokes, I gotta try this…use a blowtorch with my meat. Scott from The suggested this. Cook your ribs, however you wish to cook em, then use a blowtorch to caramelize the sauce. Hearing him explain it made me start to drool. I’m ready to do this…I just need to get my grill ... Read More »

First time…it’s always so sweet

Brad Paisley

They stand out like a sore thumb…kids who are going to their first concert. Boys have their boots on, wearing new dark blue Wranglers, a sweet pearl button, plaid shirt with a cowboy hat pulled low over their eyes. Girls dress the same or wear a county type dress. Oh yeah, they’re always wide eyed and staring at the craziness ... Read More »

Vacations stress you out!!


Vacations are supposed to be for relaxing right? Have you ever come back after a wonderful vacation and felt totally STRESSED OUT?! A new study finds that 23% of people come back feeling MORE stressed out than when they left…how does that happen?!?!  You’ve spent a few days, or even weeks relaxing, not worrying about bills, or problems back home, ... Read More »

Kelly Clarkson Fills Taylor’s Blank Space!

my peeps

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Bizarro tweets about their mutual friend, Ashley Monroe, was apparently…planned?  That’s What Ashley told the NATIONAL All Access last night!  Apparently Blake gave her a heads up!  Here’s the ALL ACCESS INTERVIEW Kelly Clarkson did an awesome version of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” during her concert tour and Taylor tweeted “Kelly Clarkson covered Blank Space ... Read More »

Lemonade Stand for Dogs!

These girls are giving their Lemonade profits to War Dogs.

The most invigorating moment happened after I was running at Creve Coeur Lake and driving home. I’m on Craig Rd counting the moments before I get home to the AC and a tall glass of water when I hear a bunch of girls screaming. As I pass by them I see four girls jumping up and down trying to get ... Read More »


collage for instagram

COUNTRY MUSIC “NOTES” (News/Gossip from the Country Music World) ASHLEY MONROE, in support of her new album “The Blade” which has just been released, will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight and word is that she will be in a Lip Sync challenge with Jimmy! I vote for Ashley to show Jimmy Exactly how to do it COUNTRY STYLE! LUKE BRYAN ... Read More »

Brantley Gilbert and His Sin Den


Poor Brantley Gilbert…he got married and his wife promptly took away his “sin den” and replaced it with something. I feel for the guy. My favorite part of talking with him was what he was doing while we spoke. Take a listen… Read More »


music notes

7/22/15 JUDI’S COUNTRY “MUSIC NOTES” What’s the talk in country music of the day…. CHRIS YOUNG went on Social Media yesterday to deny that he had anything at all to do with the breakup of Blake and Miranda. Rumors were that Miranda and Chris were having a little side action. Also more updates of Blake/Miranda split: Apparently BLAKE SHELTON really ... Read More »