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Jeane’s College of Hollywood Knowledge 10-09-15

Jim & Jeane

Think you can school Jeane?? Answer 5 pop culture questions…get more right than Jeane and you win $100 of her own money!!   Today’s Questions! Agnus T. Jones, he was the little kid on Two and a Half Men, he just celebrated his 22nd birthday. What was the actor’s name that got fired from the show in 2011? A- Charlie ... Read More »

Insert Hockey Puck Here

Hockey Puck in Mouth

There are times I just don’t think and end up with a hockey puck in my mouth. Yesterday my email was full of…how shall I put this nicely…”unfriendly emails”… because I threw blue pens away on the show. Quick backstory. Jeane and I were talking Cardinals and I decided an easy way to show support  was to get rid of ... Read More »

The Worst News…Yet!

No pumpkin? That’s the worst news I’ve heard all week! Libby says they may not have enough canned pumpkin to get us thru Christmas. WHAT?!?! My family loves its pumpkin. Tracey, my wife bought seven cans yesterday…just in case. Here’s just a taste of how much we love pumpkin. Everything I list has been consumed or eaten by my family ... Read More »

Luke Bryan Strip it Down in his new video? Here’s the video!


Luke Bryan’s latest hit “Strip It Down” finally has a video to go with it!  The Boot thought it was tame and Rolling Stone compared it to The Bachelor.  I love it! I love that Luke is the narrator as two best bro friends, one who works and lives in the city, the other in the country, make plans to ... Read More »

How Wicked is YOUR Costume? You could WIN!

wicked judi

Do you love the broadway musical “Wicked”?  Do you love the Godfrey Corn Maze AND love to get scared out of your wicked wits at Six Flags Fright Fest?  We’ve got a chance for you and 3 of your scariest, most wickedest friends to go them ALL!    All ya gotta do is upload your WICKEDEST Halloween 2015 costume, and you ... Read More »

Snapchat Challenge!!!


CMT crowned Brett Eldredge the “Snap Chat King” and, personally, I think they got it spot on!!! Brett snaps all day long, singing stupid songs, whistling, backstage, goofing with his buddies, you name it, he snaps it!! Of course, as an avid snapper myself, I watch his.  Most of them are super funny, and really entertaining. Well, sometimes Brett will ... Read More »

Proposal at the St. Louis Zoo! Surprise!

proposal pic

What a GREAT time I had at the Ottertoberfest at the St. Louis Zoo!  Since it’s going on again this weekend too, I recommend GO!   You DO NOT want to miss it!  SO fun!  There was awesome things for the kiddo’s to do and learn about Ottor’s, Beer in the Beirgarten for the grownups and live music!  And you ... Read More »

I Wish I Smoked


Tracey, my wife, answered the phone and all she heard was me saying, “I wish I smoked.” Here’s why smokers are so lucky. I got to work at 4am this morning and don’t leave the building until noon. I had to run outside to grab something from my car and was immediately jealous of everybody who gets to spend time ... Read More »

She’s Never Heard of Who’s On First!


Jeane and I were talking with Kelsea Ballerini today, she sings ‘ Love Me Like You Mean It’, and I asked her if she’d heard the Abbott and Costello routine, ‘Who’s on First’. (Jeane and I were watching it when she called and it was fresh in our minds) Turns out Kelsea has never heard it…HORRORS! What is the world ... Read More »