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Awesome Halloween Costumes!

Here are some original Halloween costume ideas! what are some ideas that you have?  My favorite childhood memories come from all the homemade costumes my mom made for me and my brothers and sister. Read More »

The PERFECT Gift for your Little Girl!

Yesterday I heard my first Christmas commercial (actually I heard 4) and it was only October 4th!!! Come ON people, my candy corn isn’t even out of the bag yet! But let’s say you’re one of those people who like to shop early for Christmas! First off, HOW? And second off…I’M JEALOUS! Okay, well if you hare, and you happen ... Read More »


Dirty Laundry – Grab a laundry basket and cut out the bottom. You may need to secure it with string to create “suspenders” that will hold the basket in place around your waist. Fill it with dirty laundry and you’re good to go. Cereal Killer – If you like puns this costume is for you. All you need are empty ... Read More »


  In a survey of parents, here are the weirdest Halloween handouts: Animal Food — Doggie bones and cat treats? Inappropriate Literature — Age-appropriate comic books are acceptable, but Playboy magazines and religious pamphlets spoil the fun of Halloween. Random Foodstuff — Besides apples, parents in the survey noted that their kids had received canned vegetables, potatoes, bulbs of garlic ... Read More »

Biggest Halloween Costumes of 2009!

Still haven’t found the perfect costume yet? Here’s a video that gives you the top 2009 costumes that you might just see a lot of you! LOVED the swine flu and Octomom one! Check out the video and comment with your ideas! Read More »

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Costumes have come so far. You can go to any of the big Halloween stores and pick up any cool mask imaginable really. I have heard the one in highest demand this year is Sarah Palin. If you don’t have $50 to drop on a costume it is just as fun to make your own. Here are just a few ... Read More »