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Nobody is going potty the right way! Check this out!

The human body doesn’t come with an instruction booklet, that would be nice but experts say we are not going potty correctly. Ever since we started using indoor plumbing we changed the way we “Go” Check out this informative video! Makes complete sense to me. RROOFF!!! Go to site Read More »

Healthy Woman 5th Anniversary Event

Join me at the Gateway Regional Medical Center Healthy Woman Anniversary Event on Sunday, June 3rd from 11am-1pm and sign up for Team Breadhead! This is the 5th year that this amazing event has taken place, and I want to invite all WOMEN to come out. The first ever female winner of The Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent, will be there ... Read More »


5 years: Don’t smoke — It’s not cool to smoke. You smell, your teeth turn yellow, your skin looks like leather and your voice gets low and raspy. It also gives you lung cancer. Ick. 5 years: Eat power foods — It’s all about the antioxidants. Every day you should eat a handful of dark chocolate and almonds, as well ... Read More »