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THIS is THE Thanksgiving thing to DO!


Why does it seem America is the only country that not only ignores its’ Senior Citizens, but makes so many of them feel as if they’ve nothing to contribute?  Other countries, especially the Asian Culture, REVERE their elderly, and RESPECT them!  I really began to take notice when my mother and father were visiting a couple of weeks ago.  My ... Read More »

Blake Shelton + Kohl’s = Kids initiatives

Get Your Country On   92.3 WIL Blake Shelton   YouTube

Twice this year Blake Shelton has rescued people near his home and now he continues his mantra of helping people. This holiday season when you go shopping look for the items at Kohl’s that have been selected to give all of it back to kids. Blake Shelton officially has teamed up with Kohl’s and their Kohl’s Cares initiative to help ... Read More »

May the FORCE Awaken…Your LIPS?!?

bo and me star wars

Bo “Big Dawg” Matthews had NO IDEA that I’m a Sci-Fi Girl, and had no IDEA, how excited I am for STAR WARS coming out next month! YAY for 2015 Star Wars! BUT, Bo.., well he didn’t realize that there’s a line of Star Wars makeup I was sooooo excited about it of course I had to get some Star ... Read More »

Where To See The Lights!

lights judi

Santa’s Magical Kingdom It takes quite a while to see the 35 acres of Christmas lights at Santa’s Magical Kingdom in south St. Louis County. Millions of lights and dozens of holiday scenes fill Jellystone Park in Eureka. You can see Santa’s flying reindeer, travel through the Candy Cane Village or visit the Waterfall of Lights. For even more fun, ... Read More »

What Happens On The Longest Day?

I always say, the most precious gift is the gift of moments. It’s not about the fancy car, but the memories of the moments you had in that car, where you were going, and who you were with. When we talk about our lives and the things that were most meaningful to us, we talk about moments. Your first kiss.  Your prom ... Read More »

Look out Turkey and Turducken make way for Turbaconducken!!!

Turducken has been around for years, it includes Turkey, Duck and Chicken. A couple of years ago I actually had one of these sent to the house and believe it or not…it was awesome! We bought ours from This brings me to the latest version of this…TURBACONDUCKEN! I don’t believe you can go online and order it but if ... Read More »