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Moose Gets Revenge on Captor and is THIS a Bad Dad, or what??


Moose get’s revenge on trapper/captor when he let’s her finally free!  HYSTERICAL!!!  Check it out here: Michelle has an “Eww” moment with Fallon and Ferrill:  A video of a parent secretly filming kids slipping and falling outside of a middle school is drawing mixed reactions.  In the clip, a father identified as “Alan” films students walking over an icy patch ... Read More »

Danger Winter Storm Preparedness

The way the news is talking it’s like a DOOMSDAY storm is moving into our area this week so I wanted to put together a list of what YOU can and should do to be prepared! Good luck, and let’s hope it’s not as bad as the weather channel is predicting! But remember, it’s better to know it and not ... Read More »