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The MOST Romantic Valentines Day?


So, there IS a chance for some cold and snowy weather on Valentines’ Day.  SO, if (as one survey says) the most romantic activities for a couple are going on a picnic or taking a walk, what other ideas are there that won’t be SOOO COLLLDDD!? Here’s some ideas I came up with, and please comment with YOUR ideas! Jazz ... Read More »

MANLY Gifts!

screen grab judi

I know Bo had done a couple Facebook posts on what Women and Men (separately) want for Christmas!  GREAT responses!  But, seriously, I think men are difficult to shop for!  Most of the men in my family always say “I don’t need anything”, and for the most part, they’re right!  I think it’s because men have a tendency to buy ... Read More »

#TBT Halloween 2014!

judi scared

Sooo, this was how I found all my costumes from LAST years’ Halloween!  Of Course, Goodwill!  Rows and rows and rows of costumes and so many ideas that I ended up with 4 different costumes that year and only 3 parties.  So what’s a girl to do but…change into a different costume half way through ONE of the parties!  Try ... Read More »

A Fathers Day Letter “Hand-print on my life”


I was thinking of ideas for Fathers Day.  Not just for my own dad, but to pass on to you.  I was especially looking for gift ideas that doesn’t cost a lot, or ones that can be made.  Let’s face it, dad knows we’re on a budget!  Then, I had an idea come to me, and I thought I’d share ... Read More »


We have a dog who is spoiled beyond belief but we also have a cat “Crazy” named after the nickname new recruits get in basic training…well at least my daughter anyway. She said that if the drill sgt. got on you he’d yell “Crazy, get in the grass and give me 20” so that’s how we named our kitty…but really ... Read More »

Helpful Mothers Day Sites!

So if you’re running around like crazy because you STILL haven’t gotten anything for you dear old mom for Mothers Day, I’ve put together some sites for you to jump to for ideas! Good luck! And be nice to your mom! Hope this helps ya! But all in all, you can’t go wrong with a ... Read More »


All right tough guys…here are some ways to show her you’re kind, sensitive, romantic, and all that stuff. And you’ll hardly have to spend a dime. If you have any others that are fool proof…post them and share your secrets that have worked. Take a romantic hostage. Forget seduction, try abduction. Drop by her workplace midmorning, blindfold her with her ... Read More »