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Red Nail Polish Saving Lives?


Who Knew! If you are someone who texts and drives, or you know someone who texts and drives, spread the word!  It might just save your or someone you love, life!  AND I saw something that made me stop dead in my texting while driving tracks!  It was a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that said:  ... Read More »

Spot Dangerous Emails !


Danger, Danger, BAD Emails ahead!  How to Spot a Dangerous Email!?  Here’s a GREAT article courtesy  The link is below, click on it to get the entire information, but here’s a bit from it: “Many email servers will perform virus scanning and remove potentially dangerous attachments, but you can’t rely on this. Look for the common warning signs so ... Read More »

GREAT Phone Apps!

When I first got my iPhone about a year ago, I went, shall we say “App Crazy” to say the least. Well, I realized I wasn’t using half the apps that were on my phone! So I’ve since done a little clean up, and in the process discovered NEW apps that I not only HAD to have, but had to ... Read More »


It’s the hottest phone on the planet, in in July it gets an upgrade. I’m talking about the iPhone. On Tuesday the website Apple iPhone Apps posted what it said was information on the next generation of iPhone that comes out this summer. The site says July 17. Some of the rumored features: 32GB and 16GB storage (up from the ... Read More »

Whoopie cushion for your phone is finally a reality.

Pull my finger application ready for your cell phone. I guess you’d call it a “Smellaphone” Here’s the story… Potty humor has triumphed as Apple Inc. relented and has now agreed to sell the “Pull My Finger” iPhone and iPod Touch application after previously rejecting it, citing “limited utility.” The application does what you’d expect. Choose one of the dozen ... Read More »