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“Miley is like ‘Get it Together'” – Hysterical!

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 6.55.15 PM

Okay, ya gotta love Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games – Katniss) .  Okay.  ya don’t gotta.  But I do!  She is so funny and real and I absolutely LOVE this interview she did recently where she explains her best friend getting her into trouble after the Oscars!  AND then MILEY tells her to “Get it Together”!  Check it out: Happy #finallyfriday ... Read More »

Newsanchor Blasts BACK

HOT topic on the Cornbread show today! Jennifer Livingston lambasted a letter about her being overweight and that she should lose the weight to be on T.V. ! Here’s the video! Do you agree or disagree? Was she being bullied? Read More »

What It Costs To Be Jennifer Anniston

Soooo there IS A secret to being 43 and the #1 sexiest woman in the world (according to one mens magazine). The cost: $141,037. At least that’s what Jennifer Anniston supposedly spends! WOW, so if I had $141, 037 I could be beautiful TOO! I do love that Jen admits to be Lazer and chemical peel addicted, and don’t you ... Read More »