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Tabasco Files March 23rd 2015


Weekends Jimmy Fallon saw Ariana Grande’ do a spot on impersonation of Celine Dion!  Hilarious!  Love me some Jimmy Fallon! 10 creatures you didn’t know existed!  This is pretty cool! Kansas City Police Flash Mob surprise! Imagine if Seinfeld.  Was done in India.  It would be the Seinfeld Situation!  Jerry meet Bollywood! Read More »

Justin Bieber Fever

Okay, I usually cry too when I hear about Justin Bieber…but for a different reason! But TONS of moms and dads are scrounging for Justin Bieber tickets for their kids (sorry, I DON’T have any, thank you very much!). But after seeing how he was so sweet to a 3 year old “viral” fan, well…ya gotta KINDA give it up ... Read More »