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Employment After Deployment – Erma P. Martin

Erma P. Martin

Erma served our country for 20 years in the US Navy. After her initial stint she was recalled and was only too happy to return to the work she loves. Her passion is training. Any type of work that requires someone with a passion to teach would be perfect for Erma. She has a background in Criminal Justice. She is ... Read More »

Employment After Deployment – Jeff Metrick

Jeff Metrick Pic

Not many people tryout for Arena Football…Jeff did. Four years in the Army taught him to be curious, to be bold and to have a goal. Jeff has worked in the freight industry, runs his own youtube channel and has a dream of being a talk radio host. While he waits for us to retire he says he loves driving ... Read More »

Employment After Deployment – Lylybell Weber

Lylybell Weber

Lylybell loves shooting, she loves poetry, and she’s a Marine! For four years Lylybell served our country as a Tactical Switchboard Operator. Now that she’s in the civilian world, I love how Lylybell is already working to fulfill her dream of owning a fitness facility. She’s a physical trainer and is looking for someone to mentor her and or help ... Read More »

Employment After Deployment – Lela Bremen

Lela Bremen Pic

Lela Bremen served 10 years in the US Army. Se’s also a member of the National Guard. Aside from running Patriot Missiles and serving on a Military Funeral Honors Detail Lela is a paralegal. I love Lela’s outlook on life. She’s filled with an unrelenting love of challenges and doesn’t stop until a solution has been discovered. Plus, during discovery, ... Read More »

Job Position! Make Money being a COUCH Potato? Netflix Wants YOU!


Ever wonder how that little computer inside Netflix knows exactly what you are watching and will WANT to see next?  Well, it’s actually thanks to a person known as a “Tagger”. Basically, someone who sits around and watches Netflix ALL day and get’s PAID for it!  Well, if you’re the BEST Couch Potato, YOU could have a job with Netflix: ... Read More »

How To Peel A Potato With Bare Hands


She’s goth, tattooed and a great cook and she can peel a potato with her bare hands!  Here’s how: In honor of tomorrows Cardboard Sled Classic, how about a little MAUI Sledding: With over 6 million views, people DO HAVE enough attention span to watch a 14+ minute trailer for the Game of Thrones Season 4:  Ice and Fire:  Forshadowing!   ... Read More »

Get a Job at Ballpark Village!

cb cards rally

Several job fairs will be held to fill positions for Ballpark Village. Sessions are being held in downtown St. Louis and will take place on February 4, February 18, and March 4, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at SLATE Missouri Career Center. The MCC is located at 1520 Market Street, and the sessions take place in the first floor ... Read More »

Need a JOB? Try THIS

Six Flags is looking to fill 2,500 job openings over the next two weeks. The jobs range from entry level to seasonal management, and include benefits and flexible schedules. Six Flags is planning a job fair Saturday, February 9 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Job seekers can apply online or in person at the park. AND Dozens of local companies, ... Read More »

Charter Has Jobs!

Need a Job?  You might find one with Charter! Charter is looking to fill 150 new positions in direct sales and broadband installation throughout the bi-state region. Charter expects to fill these positions between now and the middle of the year in various locations, including metro St. Louis, Alton, Belleville, Cape Girardeau, Colombia, Fenton, Granite City, Mt. Vernon, Osage Beach, ... Read More »

Get That Job

So you’re on a job interview, you’re already nervous, then, you get to the “bizarre questions”! What do I mean by that? Well, in the last few years companies have been asking their interviewers to try and really get “inside the heads” of prospective employees. So they ask questions like “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?” ... Read More »