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Who would YOU Cast in this Classic Remake?


Grease is THE WORD and it’s coming back, LIVE on Fox!  I was excited when Carrie Underwood performed Live in “The Sound of Music”.  Some people didn’t like it, I even criticized it, but I am still in AWE of Carrie for taking on the challenge!  So…who do YOU THINK would be a GREAT “Sandy” and “Danny” for the 2015 ... Read More »

Keith Urban Performed With John Travolta

Keith Urban performed with John Travolta on Wednesday at a “Spirit of Australia” event to promote U.S.-Australia relations, the Los Angeles Times reports.  Check out the video below. Read More »

Why Mess With Perfection?

According to (the gossip dude, not the heiress), Simon Cowell (Yeah, the American Idol dude!) is in negotiations with legendary film producer Robert Stigwood to obtain the rights to Saturday Night Fever for a remake!! Why, oh WHY must hollywooders decide that great movies need to be re-made? Saturday Night Fever is one of those movies that I believe ... Read More »