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Ping Pong Powerball-Dryer Style


My kids came home from school with the brilliant idea we should pick Powerball numbers by tossing ping pong balls into the dryer. So here you go…Ping Pong Powerball-Dryer Style.   Read More »

Kids Just Don’t Understand


My son is trying to convince me to let him stay up tonight for the entire Clemson/Alabama football game. “Dad, if you don’t let me watch it … I’ll be the only boy at school who didn’t. Then all I’ll be able to say is, ‘yeah, that was cool’ or ‘I couldn’t believe that happened'”. I’m sure there’s some truth ... Read More »

Stupid Things That Are Fun

Whipped Cream

After watching my son get smacked by a pile of whipped cream, in the game “Pie Face”, I started a list of “stupid things that are fun”. It’s incomplete so feel free to add more to it. Smooshing whipped cream on your face Squishing jello with your hands Spitting watermelon seeds Spray painting the snow with bright colors Pulling your ... Read More »

My daughter is a beginning wine drinker

My daughter is a beginner when it comes to drinking wine. Mind you she’s nine and that’s not really wine, but the gum on the glass is as real as it gets! I know it’s not couth to stick your gum on a wine glass, edge of your plate, behind your ear…but I’m gonna miss it the day she stops ... Read More »

More Toys Please

Walmart 127

It’s so cool when someone gives you a toy. I know, the toys aren’t for us…we’re working with the Salvation Army to give them to boys and girls who won’t get presents this year…but, there’s something amazing about holding a toy that you know is going to make a kiddo smile. I’ll bet that’s what Santa feels every Christmas. Collect ... Read More »

I’m a Bad Dad And I’m Proud of It

I'm a Bad Dad

I’m a bad Dad…all I buy for my kids are Legos and art supplies. A Dad from Hong Kong just bought his 7 year old daughter a $47 million dollar diamond. I’m a bad Dad…I give my kids cardboard boxes to make into playhouses. A Dad in Texas just bought his son a $54,000 New England Lodge Playhouse. I’m a ... Read More »

You Should Take A Sick Day

View Out Backdoor

I should take more sick days. I wasn’t feeling the best when I went to bed last night and thought, instead of bringing my germs into our little studio and infecting Jeane, Mac Judi, Bo and Derrick, I thought I’d stay home. Boy, am I glad I did. Sure it’s given me time to beat this horrible flesh eating bacteria ... Read More »