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The Kids’ Choice Awards

The Kids’ Choice Awards will take place in Los Angeles this Sunday and country will be represented in several categories: Choice Music Male Country Artist: LUKE BRYAN; KENNY* CHESNEY; BRAD PAISLEY; KEITH URBAN; DARIUS RUCKER Choice Music Female Country Artist: MIRANDA LAMBERT; MARTINA MCBRIDE; TAYLOR SWIFT; CARRIE UNDERWOOD; GRETCHEN WILSON Choice Music Country Group: GLORIANA; LADY ANTEBELLUM; RASCAL FLATTS; SUGARLAND; ... Read More »

Kids Jewelry Making Them Sick?

If you have a daughter, you know how much they LOVE jewelry! I can’t walk by a Claire’s with my daughter without stopping…and, of course buying! But that cheap jewelry could make your kid sick! I was really shocked when I saw this article in Good Housekeeping! They apparently tested five styles of earrings and two necklaces they purchased at ... Read More »

Places Kids Eat FREE!

We’re always looking for ways to save money, especially when we have kids to feed! Eating out can get expensive, but who always has time to go to the store, shop and then cook! Summer it seems to be even harder, because everyone’s schedule becomes so erratic! I found in my internet surfing some restaurants offering freebies for the kiddos! ... Read More »

MUST Know Family Traveling Tips!

How in the world did we ever survive before the internet, that’s what I’D like to know! Seriously, any question or info you need is RIGHT at your fingertips! And I’m ready to pass along to you a FANTASTIC website for families who travel together! It’s and it is a website that is a survival guide for Moms who ... Read More »

Healthy Easter Baskets!

We love our goodies, don’t we? But just like Christmas, Easter can see us eating those extra calories, and worse, giving our kids more junk food they really shouldn’t have. But we don’t wanna take the fun out of Easter, so what to do? The kids searched hard for their Easter Baskets, and we don’t wanna disappoint them, but there ... Read More »


Political correctness is shaping how teachers talk to parents. Let me translate for you. •Your son has a remarkable ability in gathering needed information from his classmates. (He was caught cheating on a test). • Karen is an endless fund of energy and viability. (The hyperactive monster can’t stay seated for five minutes). • Fantastic imagination! Unmatched in his capacity ... Read More »

Oh Baby, Here’s A Deal

Looking for another way to save money….Babies R Us and Toys R Us are helping you save. Beginning August 28 and running through September 20, they are giving customers a chance to trade in their used cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards and high chairs in exchange for a 20% savings on the purchase of any new ... Read More »

Let the Back To School Fashion Battles Begin!

When I was a kid the only solace to the end of summer vacation and “back to school” was the new back to school wardrobe that was always promised. Of course, now as a grown up I can look back fondly on those memories. Ahh, but if I look just a bit closer, I do remember the fights and arguments ... Read More »

The Toys They Are A-Changing!

With spring comes Easter, the “other” toy giving holiday. Yeah, along with Easter baskets, many parents buy toys for their kids to play with. So how has the economy impacted the purchase and sale of toys? Well according to this article I saw at, it’s not just the economy that is impacting the toy industry, but the change in ... Read More »

Can Kids Still Spell?

Society is becoming more and more impatient. I see it everyday, with road rage, parking lot rage, tapping of feet while waiting in the Starbucks line rage, and of course….the shorthand techno lingo that is used for texting and computer talk. It’s a new form of society shorthand. But has it made kids lazy with spelling. What about you? how ... Read More »