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How to go from Trash to Treasures to The Runway


I was honored to be asked to be a model for the Working Women’s Survival Show’s Goodwill fashion show which was captured for the popular t.v. show Thrift Shop Divas!  Here’s one of the episodes here and see HOW YOU learn to put together killer fashion outfits for pennies on the dollar! Who’d thunk a 5’1″ could ever be a ... Read More »

Ab Fab Workout

So on this episode of LipsticknLaundry, we met with local ST. LOUIS FITNESS EXPERT Heather Hawke, who is pregnant and still works out and looks fabu! This is an AB workout! It’s pretty hard, but simple. I’ve been doing it since we shot this episode of my Vlog and It’s been really a great help in getting me some abs! ... Read More »

Raising Quitters?

Hello and Happy MLK Day! Hope you are doing GREAT today and following your DREAM! I followed my own dream a few years ago and created a Video blog (VLOG) with my best Friend Kate Frisina called LipsticknLaundry: It all started because being a mom, and now a single mom at that!, I really would come up against some ... Read More »