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Girls Don’t Poop!

photo 3

You know those annoying online ads that you HAVE to watch for at least the first few seconds before you can “skip” to get to what you REALLY wanna see?  Well, this is one ad that actually MADE me want to sit through the entire 30 seconds!  HILARIOUS Even FUNNIER are the BLOOPERS (or perhaps we should call them POOPERS) ... Read More »

Feeling Dierks Hot, Hot, Hot on Tabasco Files!


Melody Williamson isn’t happy with where country music is going with the hip hop and rap .   She misses her good old fashion country that didn’t just sing about trucks and beer, but told a much deeper story about life and love. To battle the new beast, she made her own original song, There’s No Country Here, to express her disapproval. ... Read More »

Isaac Bruce visits The Cornbread Show & He SMELLS GREAT

Isaac Bruce chats with the Cornbread Show!  (btw, Judi says he smells fantastic and the scent:  Pure Blanc Cologne).  Here’s the clip for the show for you to hear! “He Smells GREAT” Cornbread Photobombs Isaac Bruce   And if you wanna help out, meet Isaac when he is here in the STL, as well as Nikko Smith and much more, ... Read More »

Kenny Chesney gets special gift.

On Monday in Nashville, KENNY CHESNEY was presented with a special guitar from MAC MCANALLY, his duet partner on Down The Road, during a celebration honoring the song’s number one success. The guitar is the one Mac used to write the song. Kenny says it’s one of the greatest gifts he’s ever been given. Pictured are (l-r) producer Buddy Cannon, ... Read More »

Bo and Mac battle it out again in another wing eating contest…boneless.

This time we went boneless cuz Buffalo Wild Wings now offers all day on Mondays 60 cent boneless wings. Of course, they offer 40 cent wing Tuesdays and 60 cent boneless wings on Thursdays and now of course now on Mondays too!!! So to celebrate we had another chicken wing eating contest. Now let me refresh your memory with the ... Read More »

Wing eatin contest between Bo and Mac!!! Who won?

I’m a huge fan of competitive eating…haven’t been in many but to celebrate the opening of Buffalo Wild Wings 11th store…we conducted a wing eating contest on the air. I ate more, but Mac at hotter wings. Final tally was Bo 19 wings, Mac ate 14 wings IN 5 MINUTES. Who really won…please blog your vote. Have you ever been ... Read More »