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Rolling Stones Top 2015 Country!

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Do YOU agree with their choices of 2015 Top country songs?  I think the list is great, and, if you know me, you’ll know I’m happy about CAM’s “Burning House” hitting #1 on the list!  You can check out ROLLING STONES 2015 COUNTRY TOPS HERE! Rolling Stones rolling in Country’s 2015 BEST And, #3 on the list is one of ... Read More »

Full Throttle Magazine

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  Welcome to my Biker Blog Full Throttle Magazine. Cindy and Bob Blanton are the new owners of one of the oldest Motorcycle mags in the Midwest!  And its free!  If its free, its for me! Recently Cindy Blanton came to the WIL studios to interview me for an upcoming feature.  WooHoo! Keep an eye out for that! RROOFF!!! Read More »

WHO is Siri? Meet her HERE


WHO is Siri?  Ever wanna know the face behind the voice?  Siri who knows EVERYTHING!  Meet her here: and the Time Magazine article:,32068,2718265214001_2153906,00.html       Read More »

BIG American Idol NEWS!!

Wow, this is BIG news for American Idol hopefuls!!! One wonders if it’s due to the success of young heartthrobs like Justin Bieber! Okay, I’ll cut to the big news: AMERICAN IDOL HAS LOWERED IT’S AGE LIMIT FOR THE SHOW! Before you had to be 16 to audition, now you can be 15 to audition! Here is the article from ... Read More »

Marge On Playboy?

yes it’s true! Homer Simpson’s Blue Haired wife is gracing the cover of the November issue of Playboy Magazine! DOH! As you can see, she is tastefully covered thanks to the Playboy Bunny Chair. Playboy said the cover and the 3 page spread inside is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons! Boy, Marge, you sure do age ... Read More »