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Dogs are looking like some Hell’s Angels Biker Dogs! Adorable! Tabasco Files 1/23/15


Since it’s FRIDAY, let’s start Tabasco Files off with an “awwww” and a “giggle” all at the same time!  a couple Golden Retrievers are very happy riding on a motorcycle with their owner!  You won’t believe it until you see it: Totes Adorb!  and…Time to Start Talking Super Bowl ADS, and every year Doritos kills it!  Well, THIS year they ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Tues January 6 2015


Woman gets dumped just 5 days before her scheduled wedding!  SOOO, what did she do?  Eat a gallon or two of ice cream?  Naaaa, she did something much cooler!  With a splash of paint a viral blog!  She held a “Trash The Dress” Party and the dress is now being displayed to raise money for a movement to empower women!  ... Read More »

BK vs McDonald’s: Rib Sandwich Showdown

BURGER KING IS BRINGING A NEW COMPETITOR INTO THE FAST FOOD WAR….the BK Rib Sandwich will be coming out this summer! Just like McDonald’s McRib that will be boneless with a tangy sauce and sweet bread and butter pickles. Look for it starting May 21st.   ARE YOU A DIE-HARD McRIB FAN??? WILL YOU GIVE THE BK RIB SANDWICH A ... Read More »

Generation Rude?

Generation Rude! A recent Rasmuseen Reports Survey said 69 percent of adults across the nation said people are generally becoming ruder and less civilized. Other poll results had 62 percent saying Americans were ruder to sales personnel than they were 10 years ago and, in turn, 57 percent saying the sales personnel were also ruder to customers than a decade ... Read More »

No More Happy Meal Toys?

I read one study recently that said that the McDonalds Happy Meals make up over 40% of their overall sales! So this news out of California might be making some of the rich executives over at McD’s none too happy! Read this from Yahoo writer, Jessica Ashley: “Officials in Santa Clara County in California voted yesterday to ban toys from ... Read More »

Cardinals Ticketfest at McDonalds

McDonald’s is offering up to $100 million in Cardinals ticket discounts. Customers can get up to $50 off Cardinals tickets when they purchase one of four Extra Value Meals at McDonald’s: Big Mac Extra Value Meal Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal Two Cheeseburgers Extra Value Meal Customers will receive a ... Read More »