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It’s A First!


New Year…new first! The kids wanted to play Monopoly and I succeeded in buying two hotels for my property. Yes! I’ve never played the game long enough to do that. It was such a big moment for me I took a pic. Some moments are like that…when they happen you just know they’re special and they’ll never happen again. Like ... Read More »

One Girl. 14 Genres of music! Girl can Sing! (But, no country?)


This Girl Can SING!   She’s got millions of views in just days on youtube and it’s her first video, “One Girl, 14 Genres” KEEPY is a popular new app for families that enables you to save and share your kid’s precious memories.   In other words, it helps you get ride of those piles of artwork, schoolwork and other projects stacked ... Read More »

Every Ring Has a Story….

just us girls

I was asked recently by a guy friend of mine, “why is jewelry so important to so many of you ladies? ”   He brought it up because he was talking about how much his wife was pining for a Heather B. Moore necklace she saw at Clarkson Jewelers.   Apparently she’d been not just leaving him hints, but put ... Read More »