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Country music dj’s are kicking butt…round one is done…we move on!

Cornbread, Cornett and myself made it to the next round of voting! Thank you! Ali’s email from metromix sent this over: In case you didn’t see it, you are now in the “Elite 8″ of the Metromix Mic Madness. You had a great showing against Favazz and this week, you are facing off against Katy Kruze. Elite 8 voting occurs ... Read More »

I need your vote!

Ok here’s the deal…Mic Madness is on and I’m going against Guy Favazza in the first round…can I beat the rockers? Will Country music win out? We’ll find out. “Vote Bo Matthews and I will not raise your taxes, I promise to keep making your afternoons at work shorter/or at least more enjoyable by playing country music loud and proud!” ... Read More »