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Aliens In MO

According to an article in the Riverfront Times, there are a LOT of sightings of UFO’s in Missouri! I’ve heard that Missouri and Illinois are known for having a lot of haunted houses and haunted areas, but I guess we also have a lot ET’s! Have you ever spotted a UFO or ET? Where? Missouri? Illinois? What would you do ... Read More »

MO Tax Free Weekend

If you need to buy your kid back to school supplies, this weekend would be the weekend to do it in Missouri because it is Tax Free Back to School Weekend! Here’s the information: The state of Missouri is holding it’s annual back-to-school sales tax holiday this weekend. The holiday starts this Friday and runs through Sunday August, 5th. According ... Read More »

Why I Love My Fly Over State

I moved here from Los Angeles eight years ago, as you may have heard me mention time and again. The first question I always got was “WHY”? “Why would you leave glamour, perfect weather and beautiful people for the midwest?” Well, I will answer that now. The one thing I miss the most about L.A. is my family. The city? ... Read More »

St Louis Drying Up

Well Cornbread should be worried about his “Baby Grass”! And he’s not the ONLY one! According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a story I read today Drought conditions abound around much of Missouri, and lawns and grass are taking a beating. Hot, dry weather is to blame. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that May in St. Louis typically ... Read More »

Veterans Job Fair

Interested in a job? Veterans Job Fair is happeningTomorrow, Thursday April 19th from 9:00AM – 12:00Noon! All the information is here: Location is: Machines Hall 1263 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton, MO Read More »

Mountain lions in Missouri…Check out the photo in the blog taken in Desoto

This photo was NOT taken by a friend’s neighbor on a motion detector night vision camera in Desoto this past weekend. Boy the story got to me and I fell for it hook line and sinker. Dangit! After I blogged it I got suspicious and googled “Mountain Lion and Deer photo” and this is what came up. Click here! I’ve ... Read More »

Hidden Valley Offering Ice Cool Ski Savings!

Hidden Valley Ski in Wildwood is offering discounted rates for beginning skiers (you bunny-slopers!) The discounted rates are for January 6th and February 3rd. Also for Police and Firefighters they offer skiing on January 8th through the 9th reduced rates, and reduced rates are also available for military personnel, and every Wednesday they’ve got “College Appreciate Day”. I just might ... Read More »