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Tabasco Files for #TGIF!


Happy #tabascofiles #FinallyFriday!  Thanks to Mac for taking over and doing the TaMACsco Files yesterday!  Here ya go, first up…. In case you missed it yesterday begin trending, it is on fire today.  The most sad, touching story Dramatic and Daring Window Washer rescue on the New World Trade Center: I’ve discovered a new site I love!  it’s called TomsGuide ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Tuesday October 7, 2014


How about a #tabascofiles to make ya smile on this #transformationtuesday!   BuzzfeedVideo shares some wonderful “Thank you’s” from children!  These kids were asked to draw a picture for someone they love and explain the picture.  Then the kids (and their parents!) were surprised when their drawings came to life! And forget Bendate, now it’s #Hairgate!  According to Buzz60, the new ... Read More »

Moose Gets Revenge on Captor and is THIS a Bad Dad, or what??


Moose get’s revenge on trapper/captor when he let’s her finally free!  HYSTERICAL!!!  Check it out here: Michelle has an “Eww” moment with Fallon and Ferrill:  A video of a parent secretly filming kids slipping and falling outside of a middle school is drawing mixed reactions.  In the clip, a father identified as “Alan” films students walking over an icy patch ... Read More »

Have a Memory as detailed as Taylor in 15 minutes


I am still so impressed at the memory that Taylor Swift has in remembering not just the faces of people she’s met, but details about their lives!  She remembered Cornbread’s daughters name and Danny Montana’s Daughters name.  She remembered I did a reality show and even commented how her mom loved the show!  So, would you like to remember names ... Read More »

Paying Homage…er Omage…or something like that…to Cornbread


Happy Hump (ump) Day!  On Today’s Tabasco Files, I’m going to pay homage to the word Homage!  And other words we mispronounce!  Or , I do, according to Cornbread!  Yesterday, when we were talking about the Super Bowl ad of contraversary (The Coca Cola ad with America The Beautiful song in different languages), I made a statement that foreigners were ... Read More »

Seconds And Lives are Changed

Seconds can change a life. I was driving home from kickboxing today, and right before my eyes I witnessed a car slamming into a motorcycle rider. The crunch. The crash. Then the scene. In those seconds lives were changed. The car pulled out right in front of the motorcycle. Probably didn’t even see him. Or perhaps the driver of the ... Read More »

Proud Mom

Okay. As a mom, sometimes I like to brag. I know I always joke on the Cornbread Show about my “Vagabond, nature loving” son Leo. Leo also has a creative side to him as well. He absolutely loves music! Over the weekend, he was invovled with the Parkway School District Solo and Ensemble festivales. He was so nervous he couldn’t ... Read More »

Happy Couples Secrets

What is the secret to being a successful couple? Is it listening? Is it Sharing? Is it doing things together? My mom and dad have been together for years and years and are still happily married and very happy! They have a very DEEP friendship, respect, mutual appreciation for each others talents, and of course, a lot of love! Having ... Read More »