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Paying Homage…er Omage…or something like that…to Cornbread


Happy Hump (ump) Day!  On Today’s Tabasco Files, I’m going to pay homage to the word Homage!  And other words we mispronounce!  Or , I do, according to Cornbread!  Yesterday, when we were talking about the Super Bowl ad of contraversary (The Coca Cola ad with America The Beautiful song in different languages), I made a statement that foreigners were ... Read More »

Flu Shot on a Diamond

judi flu

Getting Cold Feet about getting a Flu Shot?  This is why you need no fear.  Thanks to Barnes Jewish Hospital for making it so easy to stay healthy! I’ve had flu shots for the last 3 years and I’ve had no side effects other than at the shot site my arm was a bit sore, but no big deal.  I ... Read More »

Can YOU No Po?


It’s actually not a new trend, it started in 2009.  It’s the art of having beautiful, healthy hair…by NOT shampooing!   My Niece after using No Shampoo!! She LOVES it According to people who love the the act of NOT shampooing, these are some of the benefits they tout: More body Less oily hair days Exponentially less frizz (This is ... Read More »

The Tipping Point

Last week The Cornbread Show talked about tipping mostly because of the local Pastor who left no tip because she “tips God”.  So that got us talking about tipping in general.  To me, Tipping can be very stressful!  So, I found a guideline to help us all out!  Here ya go!  What are your thoughts? Restaurants: Food server — Poor ... Read More »