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I’m a Bad Dad And I’m Proud of It

I'm a Bad Dad

I’m a bad Dad…all I buy for my kids are Legos and art supplies. A Dad from Hong Kong just bought his 7 year old daughter a $47 million dollar diamond. I’m a bad Dad…I give my kids cardboard boxes to make into playhouses. A Dad in Texas just bought his son a $54,000 New England Lodge Playhouse. I’m a ... Read More »

Lies, Spies and Mommies Eyes

A few weeks back we talked about a local ST. Louis Man who has come up with a smartphone App to help parents spy on their kids. Well, at the time, Breadhead “Linda” called to share with us her opinion.  That she would NEVER spy on her 17 year old daughter because it was wrong to spy on your kids ... Read More »

Harsh Sentence For Parents!

JUST saw this story in USA TODAY and it REALLY UPSET ME! The parents of two children who drowned during a camping trip have been sentenced to 12 years in prison for NOT better protecting their children from harm! Do you AGREE with this or is the sentence really too harsh? Seems to me like they’ve been sentenced enough by ... Read More »

Sibling Present Backlash

I LOVE this time of year! The holiday displays, the good cheer and my favorite part, picking out the perfect gifts for my family and friends! But when it comes to picking out something for my mom and dad, this is the 2nd year in a row that my siblings have done the picking for me! And I’m not happy ... Read More »

Let the Back To School Fashion Battles Begin!

When I was a kid the only solace to the end of summer vacation and “back to school” was the new back to school wardrobe that was always promised. Of course, now as a grown up I can look back fondly on those memories. Ahh, but if I look just a bit closer, I do remember the fights and arguments ... Read More »