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The Worst Break-ups?

judi dereokee

When someone talks about a “break-up”, they are usually referring to a couple breaking up.   But, if you think about it, there can be all kinds of “break-ups”.   It got me thinking, that sometimes, the worst breakups aren’t necessarily with someone you were a “couple” with. Have you ever had to, say,  “break-up” with a best friend?  Perhaps ... Read More »

Do you Think THIS is Country’s Hottest Guy?

Kenny Chesney has been named the Hottest Guy of 2013 by People Country. The 45-year-old country crooner is on the front of this month’s issue, sporting a loose gray T-shirt and that familiar cowboy hat. Fellow hot star (last year’s hottest country male) Blake Shelton also made the cover, as did Jake Owen, who gives everyone a really good look at ... Read More »

BIG American Idol NEWS!!

Wow, this is BIG news for American Idol hopefuls!!! One wonders if it’s due to the success of young heartthrobs like Justin Bieber! Okay, I’ll cut to the big news: AMERICAN IDOL HAS LOWERED IT’S AGE LIMIT FOR THE SHOW! Before you had to be 16 to audition, now you can be 15 to audition! Here is the article from ... Read More »

Why So Rude?

Can we put the blame on Reality Television? Think about it, some of the worse behavior seems to be when “Every Day” people find their fifteen minutes in front of the camera! (Think Jersey Shore!) But don’t you think our society seems to be getting ruder and ruder? What about the rude behavior (not to mention bloodshot mugshots) of celebrities ... Read More »