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Four Ways to Cut Calories on Thanksgiving Without Making it Lame


Ready for “Eating Season”?  If you love food like I do…you’ve got to be smart in the amount of food you eat at the holiday dinner tables.  I say tables because so many people celebrate each holiday at sometimes four separate locations, this family, that family, those friends etc.  How about modifying those recipes? Here are four tips to cut ... Read More »

Mac has Joined The Girls!


I got his recipe for the “Mac Super Healthy But Really Tastes Good Fruit Smoothie”!  Here it is ladies, and now Mac is officially in with the Chick Click! 12 ounces of Orange, Welche’s Grape or Cherry Juice- 1 cup vanilla yogurt 1 pack vanilla Instant Breakfast 1 scoop vanilla protein powder. Blend until smoooof! Healthy & delicious. Fast to ... Read More »

So THIS Is how to Peel a Hard-boiled egg!

judi dereokee

I’m always losing half the egg and now I know there is a trick to peeling a hard-boiled egg!  Who Knew!? Do you have a cooking trick to share?  I would love some help and tips as I’m not a very good cook (My kids would say I’m awful)!  But I’ve been trying lately!  Bring it on and thanks!   ... Read More »