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Taylor’s new RED Video

Premiered yesterday, July 4th to celebrate Taylor’s love of all things “Red”.  (Personally, i DO like the title!) Now, on a fashion note, did you like the outfits she wears in concert? Read More »

How To Find Loved Ones In Disasters

Like the Clayton couple who were desperately trying to find each other during the Boston Marathon tragedy, it can be scary when something happens and you can’t find your loved ones.  The Red Cross does a lot of good to help people out during all kinds of disasters, and I just found out about something else Red Cross has. A ... Read More »

Nelly and Taylor Stl together

Taylor always likes to surprise her audience by either singing songs from artists that come from the town she’s in, or, as she did this past week when she was in town, bring them on stage! Here surprise guest:  NELLY!  Check out the video here: Read More »

Pledge Explained

Beautiful touching email from listener Mike Ward about what the Pledge of Allegiance is really all about. And then he sent a great Youtube video of Red Skelton with a beautiful explanation! Here is some of Mike’s letter along with the youtube video he sent! “At some point in my morning journey to work, I get the privilege of listening ... Read More »

Thanks Hank!

Detroit is not the only city affected by the news headlines…St. Louis and surrounding areas are hit hard. Entire industries walking on egg shells and it needs to end. Country music is the soundtrack to our lives and Hank Williams Jr. has a talent to relate to the common man or woman. That’s why he is relevant…I want to thank ... Read More »