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Flu Shot on a Diamond

judi flu

Getting Cold Feet about getting a Flu Shot?  This is why you need no fear.  Thanks to Barnes Jewish Hospital for making it so easy to stay healthy! I’ve had flu shots for the last 3 years and I’ve had no side effects other than at the shot site my arm was a bit sore, but no big deal.  I ... Read More »

10 MOST STOLEN Pin Numbers!

Beware!  Here are the 10 most stolen ATM Card Pin numbers!  Have you used them? Here are the top 10 most used PIN numbers according to the DataGenetics study. Because of their popularity, these PINs are, by default, also the least safe ones: 1234 1111 0000 1212 7777 1004 2000 4444 2222 6969 The best PINs are random numbers that ... Read More »

IMPORTANT!! How to Stop Car when out of control

This friend of mine sent me this video and with all the news about cars increasing in speed…and its not just Toyota…this is good for anyone to see. Take the 3 minutes to watch this & be sure you pass it on to your loved ones. Read More »