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10 States Where You’re Most Likely to Get Into a Fight on Black Friday


It is the season of giving but try not to give someone a black eye.  Do you ever wonder why internet shopping is so popular?  This information right here might be a clue, at least shopping on Black Friday or for those of you that can’t wait till then…shopping on Brown Thursday is a thing!  LOL. Fighting over discounted Xboxes ... Read More »

Got all this for only $19.44!


I’ve been a thrift store shopper my whole life.  See, when you’re one of four kids on a tight budget, you learn early that money doesn’t grow on trees and neither to the clothes!  My mom has the gift of sewing (I finally bought a sewing machine!) and she knew how to “re-purpose” just about anything!  She’d go to Church ... Read More »

Are these P.J.’s awful, or are YOUR man’s worse?


Okay, so this is why I know one of the gifts I plan on giving to my guy is a new pair of pajama pants!  These are his BEST pair!  I’ve asked him over and over again, why he doesn’t just get new warm flannels and his response “If it isn’t Home Depot or Menard’s, I’m not shopping”!  LOL! Seriously!  ... Read More »

This Week’s Money Saving Grocery Deals (Week Of 12/6/10)

Simply Cut Your Grocery Bill. Guaranteed. The coupons referenced below are found either online (click the link) or in the Sunday Post Dispatch. The date (in parenthesis) follows the publication name – which lets you know where to find the referenced coupon. This week, we show you how to get: Seventh Generation Cleaning Products . . . . $0.49Alka Seltzer ... Read More »

Josh The BIG DAWG SAVINGS ANGEL Calls-In Re: Black Friday

Our BIG DAWG SAVINGS ANGEL, Josh shared this GREAT information with me and WIL Listeners regarding Black Friday. A MUST read! The day after Thanksgiving is known to both retailers and shoppers as Black Friday. The term “black” may sound a bit sinister. For some who avoid the stores on this day at all costs, the term is perfectly appropriate. ... Read More »

Wanna Save Money? Timing is EVERYTHING!

Great article in Woman’s Day magazine about the best time to save on things! So I’m doing my duty and passing on the information to you! There are certain times when you can save more whether you’re booking a hotel room or grocery shopping! Here are some of the tips: Booking a hotel room? The best time to book according ... Read More »

Denim & Diamonds

This guy has done several video’s on Youtube that are all about Cowboy Boots. This is my favorite one! He really knows his boots! Wanna know what kind of boots are right for you? There are so many to choose from! Watch this video FIRST before you get your “Boots On” (As Randy Houser would say!) Read More »

Let the Back To School Fashion Battles Begin!

When I was a kid the only solace to the end of summer vacation and “back to school” was the new back to school wardrobe that was always promised. Of course, now as a grown up I can look back fondly on those memories. Ahh, but if I look just a bit closer, I do remember the fights and arguments ... Read More »

Ways To SAVE At The Grocery Store!

In this economy we are doing everything we can to save money and one of the best places we can save is at the grocery store. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly noticed the prices inching up every single time I go to the store. Let’s take cereal for instance. I’ve NEVER understood why cereal was so expensive, ... Read More »

Shopping Friday Morning?

How many of you are going to be getting up bright and early on Friday morning to get the good deals? I just found out that my wife has been going through Black Friday ads and is making a list of things that she wants to get. So, I asked her what time she is going to get up and ... Read More »