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The YOU Generation: Hit or Miss?

Have you heard of The YOU Generation?? Simon Cowell started it last month as a way for people to get more easily discovered by submitting YouTube videos! Check it out. Here are some of  the audition videos. What do you think?? Read More »

Why Mess With Perfection?

According to (the gossip dude, not the heiress), Simon Cowell (Yeah, the American Idol dude!) is in negotiations with legendary film producer Robert Stigwood to obtain the rights to Saturday Night Fever for a remake!! Why, oh WHY must hollywooders decide that great movies need to be re-made? Saturday Night Fever is one of those movies that I believe ... Read More »

This is a video of quite possibly the most talented dog in the world.

Don’t you just love talented dogs? Well this dog could possibly be the most talented in the world…he could be on dancing with the stars! Sure the dog is good, but what’s more amazing is that Simon Cowell is actually impressed by someone or something other than his tight t shirts! HA! Read More »