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Tabasco Files Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Do ya watch Family Guy?  Well, meet a REAL LIFE Peter Griffin!  This guy is HILARIOUS: Sewer sludge water into DRINKING WATER????   Would YOU drink it??  Well, Bill Gates believes in it and here he is, DRINKING GROSS (IMO) POOP WATER! Hey, if the invention on the Gates Foundation can get people healthy and save children?  I guess we should ... Read More »

Ghost Girls and Flappy Birds!


Happy Thursday and it’s time to have a Throwback kind of day for the Tabasco Files!  Why?  Okay, I don’t know.  BUT, I’m gonna throw back to Laverne and Shirley.  BUT FIRST!   Trending Viral video of Groom and his mom with a funny wedding dance! If they were ghostbusters!  It’s the Web series that not enough people are watching ... Read More »

Social Media Is Like Recess

You KNOW Social Media is everywhere when your father or grandfather are Facebooking! Or better yet, twittering!!! I have to admit, I’m really big on social media. And if you think to yourself, what the heck IS social media anyway? Trust me, if you’re on a computer, whether at home or work, you’re probably doing it and don’t even know ... Read More »