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DOES THIS make you MAD? UGH!

mad j

Does this happen to YOU???  I’ve found that EVERY THING IS HARD TO OPEN!  It doesn’t matter if it’s groceries, tools, craft supplies, clothes, even trying to replace batteries has left me looking for Band Aids!  I say, it’s an “Open and Shut Case” that things are just too hard to open! What things drive you crazy?? #thingsthatmakemecrazy .  I ... Read More »

Tuesday Tabasco Files, March 24, 2015


Another Uptown Funk Parody!  (Just when you thought it was all over!)  Dark Lord Funk brings you Harry Potter parody! FATHER & DAUGHTER RECREATE JURASSIC PARK WITH LEGOS _ A father and his eight-year-old daughter have created a stop-motion adaptation of Jurassic Park using $100,000 worth of LEGOs to make the sets and cars. The video took three months to ... Read More »

#Humpday Tabasco Files


This is just bizarre and funny all at the same time.  Obviously it’s in some foreign land (see non-english subtitles), but all you need are the visuals!  A clown is pranking with pies in the face!  In this first scene, an unexpecting Good Samaritan sees the clown tying a rope to a tree as if he’s gonna hang himself. The ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Tuesday October 7, 2014


How about a #tabascofiles to make ya smile on this #transformationtuesday!   BuzzfeedVideo shares some wonderful “Thank you’s” from children!  These kids were asked to draw a picture for someone they love and explain the picture.  Then the kids (and their parents!) were surprised when their drawings came to life! And forget Bendate, now it’s #Hairgate!  According to Buzz60, the new ... Read More »

Cornbread Wants a Purse

Cornbread is stealing Judi’s purse! WHY? Cuz it MATCHES! Ya know how weird it is that when women live together they start ovulating at the same time? Is this Cornbread Fashion Ovulating? GAWD, let’s HOPE not! Although, the purse DOES make his legs look slim! Do you start mimicking your partners behavior after being together for awhile?  It’s one thing ... Read More »

Cassadee Pope at Wild Country

Cassadee Pope performed her first single “Wastin’ All These Tears” at the taping of St. Louis Country at Wild Country last night. She was amazing and such a sweet girl. Check out the video! Check out the PHOTOS HERE!   Read More »

Thompson Square on Jay Leno

Thompson Square was just here in St. Louis last week for the taping of St. Louis Country and now they are going to be performing on the Jay Leno Show. The husband and wife duo, Keifer and Shawna, will be performing on Friday, March 4, 2011 on the Jay Leno Show. So, set up the DVR or stay up late ... Read More »