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THE latest APP you’ll Definitely WANT and the star of the SXSW Show!


It was released just last month, but it’s gaining fast on members!  SO HURRY AND JOIN, before they charge!  lol!  It’s a new live streaming app you can do from your phone!  And it’s soooooo much easier than so of those old ones like UStream that never did quite work just right.  it’s called “Meerkat” and it let’s anyone with ... Read More »

Surprise! We’re Getting married! Is this sweet, or would you be upset?

road trip

(from Straylight Films Plus) Carly was away for 6 months on a journey in the first half of 2013, retracing her grandmothers steps in England. She arrived home in Canada at the end of July, just in time for her engagement party. However, her fiancee Adam had a HUGE surprise for her and all of the guests of the party. ... Read More »