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Denim and Diamonds

check out this cool video footage from Taylor Swift on Band Hero! Read More »

Taylor and the Number 13

It’s no secret that number 13 has been a significant number for Taylor Swift. She was born on December 13, and she turned 13 on Friday the 13th. Her twitter account is taylorswift13. Taylor’s first album went gold in 13 weeks and her first #1 song had a 13-second intro. At awards shows, every time Taylor has won an award, ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

The big news at the VMA’s was, of course, the whole Kanye/Taylor fiasco. But aside from that, this year Taylor did not do the red carpet interviews as she did in the past. And she was asked what would be her advice to “Twilights” Ashley Greene who handled the duties at the pre -awards celeb “runway”! Besides the typical boring ... Read More »

West Personally Reaches Out to Apologize

Two days and three apologies after the now infamous incident at the MTV VMA’s that rocked the entertainment world and has many in an uproar, Kanye West finally calls Taylor Swift to personally apologize to her for his hurtful and very bad behavior at the awards. Click here to check out the story. Read More »

Kanye Dissing Taylor Swift at VMA’s?!?

Check out the video of Kanye taking the mic from Taylor Swift at tonights VMA awards. I’m sorry, but in my opinion it was rude and unclassy! Here’s the video clip attached in case you missed it! Read More »

Taylor Swift home video this morning!

Taylor Swift took her video camera into her parents’ room this morning, where she, her mom and a friend watched the live CMA nomination announcements. Watch this cute video where Taylor reacts to hearing her name four times! Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

Three hours of Country’s hottest talent and three hours of seeing “who’s wearing what”! My Tivo has a date tonight with CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock, tonight! I It starts at 7pm on ABC and is SURE to be quite a show! I, of course, will be on the lookout for what the stars are wearing during the ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

Is Taylor Swift just about the cutest thing! In this video she talks about what are HER favorite type of jeans and why! She’d look great in anything, but it sure helps that she’s so tall. Check out the video! Read More »

Did you like Taylor Swift rapping?

Country Weekly’s most recent online poll asked fans if they liked TAYLOR SWIFT’s performance with rapper T-Payne to kick off the CMT Music Awards in June. Sixty-four percent said no and wondered why she was doing it; 33 percent thought it was hilarious; 3 percent didn’t see the show. If you did not see it here is the video. I ... Read More »