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Tragic end for First Solo Drive of 16 Year old Savannah

Tragedy as girl, 16, killed after ‘texting and driving on her first solo drive’ Authorities say Savannah Nash was killed instantly when her PT cruiser pulled out in front of an oncoming tractor trailer two blocks from home Texting is believed to be a probable cause behind the horrific crash A 16-year-old girl was killed during her first drive alone ... Read More »


At a tech conference in Silicon Valley this week, a company called Bump unveiled a new mobile technology that allows users to send text messages to complete strangers. Instead of typing in the recipient’s phone number, users take photo of his or her license plate. The service requires users to download an app for their iPhones and register their license ... Read More »

Are You A Wicked Texter?

I’m having lunch with a friend, when all of a sudden in the middle of the conversation, she receives a text. So she reads the text. Then she goes on to have a ten minute texting conversation with the person who was NOT sitting having lunch with her! This Diamond girl was feeling a little ‘chipped’ off to say the ... Read More »


Have you ever been driving down the road and see someone who is driving like they are drunk and then actually made the call to 911 hoping that the authorities will go after that individual? I have. Well our new battle is texting and driving…I’m seeing it every single day that I drive…wherever I drive. Anyone who has a drivers ... Read More »

Texting and driving don’t’s worse than drinking and driving!

Belleville News Democrat: Thumbs up for safety: Belleville students pledge not to text while driving. Belleville East High School students pledged Friday not to text on their cellular phones while driving. The “X the TXT” program is sponsored by Allstate Insurance and hopes to increase safe driving among teens by preventing texting while driving. Students agreed not to text while ... Read More »

Can Kids Still Spell?

Society is becoming more and more impatient. I see it everyday, with road rage, parking lot rage, tapping of feet while waiting in the Starbucks line rage, and of course….the shorthand techno lingo that is used for texting and computer talk. It’s a new form of society shorthand. But has it made kids lazy with spelling. What about you? how ... Read More »