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Blake takes on….Sushi? HILARIOUS!

Blake Shelton

HILARIOUS!  Blake Shelton tries Sushi for the FIRST TIME on Jimmy Fallon!  I’m cracking up, because I am a HUGE sushi lover, but wasn’t always!  I was EXACTLY like Blake when I tried it!  Check it out:   #sushi #blakeshelton #Fallon #wil92 #nobodyplaysmorenewcountry Read More »

Wake Up Call!

mom and dad

Why did my mom and dad get married on the date that is my dad’s birthday? This morning I called California and woke up mom and dad so I could be the first to wish my dad a Happy Birthday and both of them a Happy Anniversary!  I also was surprised to find out not why they picked THAT date to ... Read More »


south park bo

Sunday March 13, 2016 is the day we change our clocks forward one hour.  For years I couldn’t keep it straight then someone said we Spring our clocks forward in the spring and in the autumn our clocks Fall back by one hour.   Does that help? Time change always messes with me and so I did some digging to find ... Read More »