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Bettie Page and Stevie Nicks Fashion ALL the RAGE


Hello Chick Click friends!  When I was in L.A. I got to see what is IN, IN, IN BEFORE it’s here in the Lou!  RETRO 70’s (think Stevie Nicks) and Retro 40’s (See below) is THE THING!  I LOVED the retro swimsuits so much, I bought one!  Is it Trendy or Trashy? I think it’s total trendy and actually classy!  ... Read More »

Moody Music

  I am living proof of the music-therapy research that confirms sad music helps a broken heart — and can be a first step in overcoming depression. When I was going through my divorce, Sara Evan’s “A little Bit Stronger” was my go-to song.  It was as if I had written the song, and especially knowing that what Sara Evan’s ... Read More »

How To Get your HAIR to Dry Faster!

  I have naturally curly hair that I blow dry THEN straight iron!  It’s a LOT of work, and TIME! So whenever I get a chance to get any tips for getting my hair to dry faster and in a better, healthier way, I will always pass it on! This was a tip from celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh and one ... Read More »

Lady A’s Getting GOLDEN

Lady A’s 4th Studio Album “Golden” will drop in stores May 7th!  Here is the track list: Here’s a link to The Boot where  Lady A talks about their new album: Here is the track listing: 1. “Get to Me” 2. “Goodbye Town” 3. “Nothin’ Like the First Time” 4. “Downtown” 5. “Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)” 6. ... Read More »

How To Find Loved Ones In Disasters

Like the Clayton couple who were desperately trying to find each other during the Boston Marathon tragedy, it can be scary when something happens and you can’t find your loved ones.  The Red Cross does a lot of good to help people out during all kinds of disasters, and I just found out about something else Red Cross has. A ... Read More »

Live & Learn!

Boy, I tell you there is a video for EVERYTHING, nowadays! But this is one I absolutely think is GREAT! In all my life, I’ve never known that there was a “correct” way to fold a fitted bed sheet! Guess what…there is! It’s such a simple thing, yet if you’re like me, you’re closet has a bunch of “messy sheets” ... Read More »

How Tiger SHOULD’VE Apologized!

According to here is the definition of the word SORRY: SORRY (adj.): feeling regret, compunction, sympathy or pity. It took over so many networks, you’d think something really meaningful had taken place in the news! No. It was just Tiger Woods saying “I’m sorry” for 14 minutes. PUHLEESE! Can we say “rehearsed”? And who wrote that stuff anyway? I ... Read More »