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What Do Toby Keith and YSL Have In Common?

Yeah, I know, you might not think to put Toby Keith and Yves St. Laurent (geez, I don’t even know if I spelled that right!) in the same sentence, but YSL is about to meet his match. Well, I might be pushing the envelope a bit with that statement, but Toby Keith, who’s already tackled being a successful recording artist, ... Read More »

Cledus T. Judd – I Love Nascar!

Cledus T. Judd could easily be called Country Music’s version of Wierd Al Yankovic. If you haven’t heard him on any of his cd’s, or seen his videos, he is hysterical! He spoofs country music songs and is very, very funny! In this video he spoofs the Toby Keith song “I Love This Bar”, and he is ALL Nascar! Watch ... Read More »

Toby Keith’s White House Connection

Here is an interesting story that I found about Toby’s connection to the White House. This week retired Marine General James Jones was named National Security Advisor for the Obama administration. But long before he was chosen to help shape national policy, Jones helped Toby Keith shape his 2002 album. Gen. Jones was in attendance at the Pentagon during a ... Read More »