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DeflateGate continues! Real People Feel the Balls! Tabasco Files 1/27/15


Police Want changes to the Navigational App WAZE, see story, and do you agree? Buzz60 did a “man/woman of the streets” to TEST a “Deflated Balls”!  Check it out: BUZZFEED posted a GREAT story that is trending up about The Biggest Plus Size model signed to an agency!  Her name is Tess Holiday and she is a size 22, and ... Read More »

Tell The Truth….Confessions of a BFF

….Do you have a Co-worker that does something that drives you nuts but you are afraid to tell that person? Now is your chance!  Well, at least you can spew it here! Do you sit in a cubicle next to someone who talks too loud on personal calls?  Or how about that worker who wears just a wee bit too ... Read More »