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Let The Kid Root!

Kid REALLY Wants to Root for the Yankees! 4 year-old son was highly upset his dad didn’t let him root for the Yankees (they’re all Mets fans in the family) Was trying to teach him a lesson on loyalty to your team and learning how to lose…… He WOULD NOT have it! Love it! Read More »

Can You Guess What this is?

Did you Guess Donald Trumps “Rug” like I did?  You were wrong and so was I!  Lol! Meet The Caterpillar That Looks Exactly Like Donald Trump’s Hair!  It’s name is the Flannel Moth!  Check it out here:   Read More »

Wynona Judd, YMCA and Miracle Whip?

HILARIOUS “Ode To Miracle Whip” song from a bunch of stars including Wynona Judd!  Check it out: Read More »