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I Wish I Smoked


Tracey, my wife, answered the phone and all she heard was me saying, “I wish I smoked.” Here’s why smokers are so lucky. I got to work at 4am this morning and don’t leave the building until noon. I had to run outside to grab something from my car and was immediately jealous of everybody who gets to spend time ... Read More »

St Louis Drying Up

Well Cornbread should be worried about his “Baby Grass”! And he’s not the ONLY one! According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a story I read today Drought conditions abound around much of Missouri, and lawns and grass are taking a beating. Hot, dry weather is to blame. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that May in St. Louis typically ... Read More »

Danger Winter Storm Preparedness

The way the news is talking it’s like a DOOMSDAY storm is moving into our area this week so I wanted to put together a list of what YOU can and should do to be prepared! Good luck, and let’s hope it’s not as bad as the weather channel is predicting! But remember, it’s better to know it and not ... Read More »